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Customer Reviews
Fantabulous Backs has such a great selection and it makes it so easy that they have it right there and available to complete that precious quilt top you just finished. Thanks so much! Peggy Watkins

Carrie Has been doing our quilts for years and the selections of material have always been complimentary to the tops. We have lifelong heirlooms made by my mother that Carrie put together and they always turned out beautiful. Eric and Brenda Bense

I found Carrie several years ago when I was looking for someone to longarm my quilts...I was thrilled to know she also carried an incredible asst of quality backing fabrics to go with my quilt top. Find out where she will be selling her backs or visit the website-you won't be sorry!  Michelle Main

Carrie has a real knack for picking lovely fabrics from Fantabulous Backs.I have purchased many of them for my quilts and have never been disappointed. They are excellent quality fabrics, very soft and good colors.  I would recommend them for any quilting project you may have.  Carrie is also an excellent longarm quilter! 5 stars for her fabrics and quilting skills! Petra Koelhoffer

Fantabulous Backs has an enviable stash of wide backs for quilting.Carrie makes it so easy to have wide backs at our fingertips, ready to be used.  One stop shopping for all us busy quilters! Great prices too. Annie VerSteeg, long-standing, loyal customer!

Just a few pics of our awesome rescues, Great Pyrenees!! 
We also have a few farm animals.  The tom is mean and he thinks that the younger ones are his babies.  We have to carry a metal pole with us at all times! The Polish Lace ended up being all roosters, "ALL 8 OF THEM! I am not happy about that. 4 of them have seen the butcher block.  My hens are Jersey Giants, Red Production, Blue Production. a guinea (only surviving one out of six, they are so stupid)! We also have goats, a huge garden, fruit tree's and a blackberry garden and I love to can foods, I am known as a "rebel canner"!